Types of Headaches That Can Be Alleviated With Bowen Therapy

Types of Headaches That Can Be Alleviated With Bowen Therapy

Headaches are prevalent in today’s day and age, and there are several types of them. These often result in extreme irritation and discomfort for the bearer. At other times these may even be symptoms of a core ailment at play, which is why treating them at the root is essential to promote a relaxed being. 

There are various types of headaches. The causes for each one is different. However, they are conjoined by a common link as they are all treatable through our Bowen Therapy specialists in Australia. We discuss these headaches, their possible treatments and the Bowen therapy practices used below:

1. Migraines

Migraines are an extreme form of headache. These result in throbbing pain that’s concentrated in one area of your head followed by photosensitivity, patches in front of the eye, tingling or numb skin and so on. These may occur either regularly or occasionally. Moreover, sometimes these may even remain for days or weeks. 

The cause of a migraine is largely unknown. However, due to its frequency in women, studies conducted show a relation between migraine and hormones activated due to the menstrual cycle. Even if it is commonly experienced, there is no straightforward cure or treatment plan for migraine except some prescription medicines to suppress the pain. 

Bowen Therapy proves to help offer relief when migraines strike, especially when the causes are hormonal. This is because the movements used in this massage therapy often revolve around the tailbone and positively affect the deep fascia layers of your body. 

2. Temporomandibular Joint Headaches (TMJ)

Sometimes your headache may begin at the jaw. Due to tension in the jaw area, you may experience pain stretching onto your head. Dental issues, jaw clenching habits, stress or muscular tension, are at the root of these headaches. Such headaches may give you a feeling similar to migraine or tension headaches but are related to the jaw muscles. 

Besides medications, regular dental checkups, and specific physical exercise, Bowen therapy can further help alleviate TMJ headaches. Gentle yet effective movement around the jaw can align it better and help cure the consequential pain in your head. Joint specialists recommend this type of therapy as a complementary treatment. 

3. Sinus Headaches

A sinus problem is when the mucus glands flare up, resulting in headaches and swollenness. Often very severe, these headaches result in throbbing pain that is often accompanied by fever or other painful ailments. 

Doctors often prescribe medications to decrease the infection that leads up to sinusitis. Nonetheless, Bowen therapy can help as well. The therapist’s motions carried out on the respiratory system help speed up the clearing of congestion, resulting in a lower intensity of the headache and sinus inflammation in general. 

4. Tension Headaches

More often than not, stress, muscular tension and posture problems result in headaches around the temples, neck and spine. This problem may be either emotional, mental or physical. Wrong sleeping position, anxiety, other mental health issues and more such instances are a significant cause of these tension headaches. 

Bowen therapy helps treat headaches arising because of both physical and emotional tension. Therapists who are proficient with this use gentle movements around the tensed areas. Such gentle moves relax your body, secreting endorphins and relieving stress, and re-aligning your neck, back, and affected body parts. This results in pain reduction and mental peace.

5. Medicine Overuse Headaches (MOH)

When people suffer from perpetual headaches, they rely on medicines to temporarily relieve the pain as they carry on with their day. Often, their bodies get addicted to the painkillers, leading to a vicious cycle where a headache is further fuelled till the medication is not administered. And this is what results in medicine overuse.

Bowen therapy helps cure this addiction to prescribed drugs by relieving the root problem areas. As stated above, tension headaches and migraine, which are the most common headaches, are relieved through the Bowen Therapy treatment. Thus, with regular appointments, the dependency on medications decreases, treating the overuse. 

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