Matt has really impressed with his dedication in meditation and his physical practice. His treatment is more Qi gong therapy and has significant healing capacity.

Thomas Connor

Matthieu has a healing touch. I went to Matthieu for Bowen Therapy for my back and shoulder tension. I went to the session feeling like I was carrying a lot of stress in my back and shoulders and Matthieu completely relaxed all the tension and helped to release it. I felt amazing afterward and the relief was long-lasting. I didn’t know much about Bowen Therapy before going to Matthieu and now I am a true believer. Thank you, Matthieu, I will be back for more Bowen

Michaela Fox

Had an excellent Bowen session with Matthieu, I found him to have a great working knowledge of his discipline and a wealth of life experience that informs his practice – in particular his meditation journeys across the globe. From having used many different therapies in the past for exercise related injuries, Matthieu’s treatment provided me immediate relief for my recent bout of lower back pain. I prefer his direct approach and appreciated that he communicated to me the purpose for the techniques he was implementing – a personal irritation of mine in the health industry. I will be recommending Matthieu to my friends and family, thank you for the treatment.

Josh Mckendry-Dow

As a practitioner of another modality myself. I have become all too aware of the need to have regular daily practices that support my work and ensure that I’m not adding to someone else’s already heavy load when I share my energy. Matthew is a deeply spiritual person who has done the hard yards and has significantly deepened and softened himself so that he is now and has been for some time light in this world. Encountering any practitioner who has done this and who Continues to do so is like finding a diamond in a haystack. I recommend him to anyone who genuinely wants to let go of old patterns and truly begin the road to health and Wellness. Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. You will really enjoy and benefit from his treatments. Bowen is an incredibly gentle yet powerful modality. I have benefited from his treatment myself and actually marveled at just how much shifted in my heart and body from just one session. Go well, brother. Shine your light bright.

Andre Melnychenko