Lucia Light Therapy Melbourne

A breakthrough technology for human consciousness awareness.

Lucia light therapy Melbourne

What Does Lucia Light Therapy in Melbourne Do To Your Body?

The Lucia N°03 is a method of awakening and increasing awareness. It helps clear the mind and enables a calm presence to be achieved by even beginner meditators.

It is not a substitute for the practice of meditation, but on the contrary, it helps people to meditate by reminding them of how effective the practice can be and providing them with the confidence (and roadmap) to get there on their own.

This effective tool is a neurostimulator that combines flickering lights programmed by a computer at various velocities, intensities, and brightness regulated by your attendant.

What are the Benefits of Lucia Light Therapy?

Lucia light therapy in Melbourne provides the advantages of deep meditation by almost instantly entering an extended state of consciousness. Typically, this transcendental phenomenon is only seen under extreme circumstances, such as high-performance athletics, entheogenic drugs, transcendental meditation, or experiences of near death.

By using the light machine, triggering this state of consciousness will cause the same beneficial effects as the acute situations that most individuals would never encounter otherwise.

You can literally train the brain to achieve this optimum state at will with a series of a periodic light therapy session on Lucia light machine.

Using low voltage LED light, this combination of light provides a special way of seeing various colours and shapes, providing a soothing yet exciting experience.

What is the Cure of Lucia Light Therapy?

Lucia light therapy causes the brain’s pineal gland to produce hormones that promote creativity, affect circadian rhythms, and generate melatonin. In addition to profound concentration, Lucia Light reports indicate patients feeling a deep state of relaxation.

This stimulates an improved learning ability and efficiency, intense feelings of pleasure, and an activated brain that is supercharged.

What to Be Expected From Melbourne’s Lucia Light Therapy?

    For each individual, the Lucia N ° 03 light experience is different, as it interacts with the individual mechanism of each person and has a balancing effect.
    After an encounter, light travellers report feeling more transparent and focused, while some individuals may feel more energised or profoundly relaxed.
    While a 5-10 session series is suggested to help rewire the circuits of the brain linked to stress response, even one session is a good session.
    Deep experience of calm that will remain for at least 24 hours with the person afterwards.


While listening to music in a sustained and profoundly comfortable state, sit back and appreciate this immersive and unforgettable experience that is a kaleidoscope of colours, lights and types.


With Lucia light therapy, no two encounters are the same. Every session you have will be a fresh and enjoyable mix of light that you have never seen before.

Concentration & Imagination

Melbourne’s Lucia light therapy stimulates the pineal gland, which allows hormones to be produced that stimulate creativity, attention, and a deep sense of satisfaction and tranquilly.

Who Is Lucia Light Therapy For?

A Lucia light therapy experience will help someone who is looking for a new way to relax and be amused. It is never an experience of “one size fits all” and is different for every customer.

Since Lucia is both a stimulus (through light) and a relief (through relaxation of the nervous system), it helps the person learn to let go in stressful circumstances instead of resisting and making things even more difficult.

The Lucia light therapy also uses a wide range of light that has been reported to have a significant effect on individuals with the seasonal affective disorder as well as other forms of depression.

The charges as per the session of Lucia light therapy go from 55 dollars per session, 5 pack for 250 and chronic condition 10 sessions 490 dollars.