Bowen Technique | Bowen Therapy Treatment

    What is Bowen Therapy?

    Bowen Therapy Treatment

    What is Bowen Therapy?

    The method can be described as a soft tissue remedial therapy, in which the therapist uses his hands to apply pain free, gentle rolling moves over muscle, ligaments and tendon and other connective tissues in specific parts of the body. In consequence, muscle tension is relieved allowing a balanced muscular alignment giving rise to a profound sense of relaxation. In some instances, my patients almost fall asleep. Bowen therapy works by stimulating a particular muscle or group of muscles followed by a pause to give time for the body to respond and start the healing process.

    Bowen Therapy Treatment in Melbourne

    • After all Bowen Therapy treatments for optimal healing, it is important to keep your body well hydrated
    • Certain exercises may be recommended to improve the range of movement
    • Many people report improvement and sense of wellbeing after just one Bowen Therapy treatment, however, in some case multiple visits would be recommended to resolve the condition
    • The healing initiated by Bowen Therapy will continue to work in your body for up to ten days following the treatment.

    Bowen therapy may help with the following ailments:

    • Musculo-skeletal pain
    • Sports and other traumatic Injuries
    • Back pain (Chronic and Acute) and Sciatica
    • Foot and Ankle Problems
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Respiratory problems, asthma and allergies e.g. hayfever
    • Bowel Problems, constipation
    • Pelvic misalignment
    • Neck pain and many more