Can Bowen Therapy Help With Muscle Tension, Posture, and Alignment Issues?

Can Bowen Therapy Help With Muscle Tension, Posture, and Alignment Issues?

Bodywork is often overlooked as a natural treatment for tension in the muscles, posture, and malalignment issues. When people suffer from these symptoms of these conditions, the first thing they reach for are over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, or talk about the possibility of surgery with their doctors. However, such extremes aren’t necessary with Bowen therapy.

Bowen Therapy For Muscle Tension

Bowen therapy encourages the body’s natural healing process. The relief of tension comes in the form of unique movements that prompt the brain to signal the body to relieve tension. Some may confuse the therapy as a traditional massage, but it does more than that.

Bowen Therapy For Postural Issues

Poor posture could be the cause of your muscle tension. It could also lead to digestive issues, trouble sleeping, headaches, and other issues. Bowen therapy helps improve posture by signaling the brain to relieve tension around the spine and return it to its natural state.

Bowen Therapy For Pelvic Malalignment

Many patients who suffer from back pain may not know they’re actually suffering from pelvic malalignment. When the bones in the pelvic bowl are not balanced, it affects the back and spine. The light touch of Bowen therapy helps to improve the alignment of the pelvis and improve symptoms.

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It’s important to take care of yourself, but sometimes that means having someone help take care of your body. Booking an appointment with Boronia Bowen allows you to experience this holistic therapy treatment for yourself to experience its natural healing benefits. Bowen Therapy is about more than just treating the symptoms of the disease. Bowen is also about preventing disease and supporting the body holistically to create overall vibrant health and wellness. So you can feel mentally and physically optimal and ready to perform at your best. Call to book an appointment and let us help relieve your symptoms of muscle tension, posture, or alignment issues.