Bowen Therapy vs Remedial Massages: What You Need To Know

Bowen Therapy vs Remedial Massages: What You Need To Know

When it comes to getting a massage, people are usually confused between the variants because most haven’t understood the difference between various types. In reality, massages can be segregated into two main segments. These are remedial massages for relaxation and its various types, and Bowen therapy, which is for healing injuries. Both vary in purpose, technique, cost and so on. Some of the major differences between the two are discussed below.

Conceptual Differences

Massages for relaxation available in Melbourne, as the name signifies is concerned with calming your body and sending it into a leisurely state. This is done by tending to the acupressure points of the body. It relaxes your mind and rejuvenates you, making you feel relaxed. Usually, this type of massage is availed at spas and retreats.

A Bowen therapy session available with us in Melbourne, however, is for a whole different and specific purpose. This is concerned with pain relief and treatment of physical issues. Unlike relaxation massage, it involves specific techniques and manipulation of the fascia to ascertain rehabilitation and treat physical problems at the root. A number of sessions may be required for the complete treatment.

Treatments Included

Remedial massages for relaxation include treatments such as swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage and so on. All of these are mainly concerned with your senses. They have a calming effect on them. Meanwhile, the Bowen therapy we offer in Melbourne includes deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, sports massage and so on.

All of these induce pressure on specific soft tissue areas. These may seem uncomfortable in the beginning but they begin to have a soothing effect on your muscles gently as the treatment goes on. Usually Bowen therapies are longer than relaxation therapies and they may even take days.

Needed Qualifications

A remedial massage therapist needs a basic qualification. Usually, a Certificate IV in relaxation massage and knowledge of basic techniques is enough when a masseuse wants to provide services in a spa or parlour. They can also be trained on the job without the qualifications. This is mainly because relaxation massage is an avenue for ‘feel good’, unlike Bowen therapy, which is a treatment for injuries and physical trauma.

Any therapist who practices the Bowen Therapy in Melbourne may need a diploma in the same. These therapists should be well educated in Bowen therapy techniques. This is because usually Bowen therapy sessions are recommended by medical professionals. In addition, since it is used to treat physical ailments, the wrong technique can lead to future problems.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of massage varies greatly depending on where you avail it from, the length of the treatment, type of massage and so on. Nonetheless, certain health insurance policies cover the cost of Bowen therapy performed by a therapist who has a diploma and is a part of the Australian Regional Health Group. But remedial massage for relaxation is not included in any health insurances as there is no need to include a treatment carried out by a personnel having something as basic as Certificate IV in massage therapy.

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