Types of Headaches That Can Be Alleviated With Bowen Therapy

No Stress Approach: Advantages of Bowen Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is an extremely common mental health issue in Australia. There has been a 42% increase in people likely to experience anxiety as per 2019-20 reports by Beyond Blue. It’s a widespread issue that needs to be treated at the root in order to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle over a long duration.

Before one sets out to find a cure for their anxiety, it is necessary to understand what it is at its core. Anxiety is associated with worry or stress about a time that is not now, could be something of the past or a worry about the future. Such a condition may lead to brain chemicals such as serotonin and cortisol becoming unbalanced. This can present many challenges in one’s day to day life and also result in psychosomatic effects. Effective treatment is necessary to prevent it from getting worse and taking control over the victim’s life. 

There are various ways to treat anxiety. These include psychotherapy, medical supplements, physical exercise and so on. One effective way to relax your body and decrease the impact of anxiety is also through Bowen therapy. This is a type of massage therapy that involves gentle movements of the skilled practitioner’s hand over specific parts of the body, to stimulate soft tissues and fascia.

There are several benefits that Bowen therapy entails when it comes to reducing or eliminating anxiety. These are discussed below. 

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

The gentle movements in Bowen therapy stretch the fascia gently. This helps relax your muscles as well as your mind. This ultimately helps make you feel more rested and relaxed. In this way, you can ensure that your stress is reduced and anxiety is managed with regular sessions.

Sleep Stimulation

It is a known fact that Bowen therapy helps stimulate sleep over time. The gentle movements clubbed with mental relaxation activates dormant sleep hormones. It is therefore easier to overcome sleep deprivation and disorders through Bowen therapy. 

Sleep is an important body function that keeps you feeling stress free. In fact, most people with anxiety face difficulty falling asleep. By helping with sleep stimulation, Bowen therapy helps bring anxiety under control.

Mood Elevation

Anxiety leads to a perpetual bad mood. This is due to an adrenaline spike that brings serotonin levels down. Such a situation can also lead to depression if left uncontrolled for too long. 

Bowen therapists massage the nerve tissues with gentle movements of the finger and thumb. This stimulates cortisol and brings down the adrenaline to controlled limits. In this way, the overall mood is enhanced and the anxiety is brought under control through a simple yet efficacious process. 

Headache Relief

Bowen therapy treats several types of headaches. This is due to the fact that the nervous tension in the muscles in your neck and back are relieved through this form of treatment. 

Headaches are often a major symptom or cause of anxiety. By relieving you of this pain, Bowen therapists often help treat the mental health issue or bring it under control. 

All the above pointers prove that Bowen therapy is a helpful and side-effect free way of treating anxiety. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you only consult a professional to impart the treatment. 

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