Types of Headaches That Can Be Alleviated With Bowen Therapy

7 Bowen Therapy Benefits You Should Know About

Bowen therapy is usually performed on the soft tissues of your body after surgery or treatment of injuries to provide relief. Doctors often recommend it, and it is performed by certified therapists who extensively understand body anatomy and perform treatment accordingly. Bowen therapist will use special oils or no oil and manually apply pressure as needed to relieve your soft tissues.

The process will ultimately speed up your overall healing. Additionally, Bowen therapy can be customised as per your level of pain and the pressure you can tolerate. Your therapist will ask you questions to determine this before starting with the session. However, apart from speeding up healing, Bowen therapy provides a range of advantages. These are specified below:

Reduced Pain

While providing Bowen therapy sessions, your therapist will apply pressure in the areas that need attention and healing. This movement of skilled hands will work wonders on your joints and muscles. Ultimately, this will stimulate a sense of relief in problem areas and reduce your pain. Therefore, Bowen therapy is prescribed post-injury along with exercise and medication.

Stress Reduction

The best part of receiving Bowen therapy is the fact that this relaxes your muscles and joints. Nonetheless, while this has impressive effects on your body, it also relaxes your emotional and mental temperament, promoting overall well being. Bowen therapy also stimulates neurohormones. These are responsible for regulating mood and behaviour. Apart from that, it helps with the release of endorphin and lowers cortisol levels. All this results in decreased anxiety and depression, mood upliftment, more energy and enhanced sleep. Combined together with healing physical trauma or injuries, this reduces stress and helps you live a happier life when availed regularly.

Increase in Mobility and Flexibility

Stiffness, joint or muscle pain, reduced flexibility and physical discomfort are associated with many diseases. People suffering from serious injuries, cerebral palsy, arthritis, muscle overuse, and other chronic diseases are often prescribed Bowen therapy. This is because Bowen therapists help reduce tension along the muscles. They use techniques that involve stretching and mobilising your body in ways that relieve stiffness and improve circulation. This also enhances joint strength, mobility, flexibility and physical stability. For anyone who is looking to improve physical health, Bowen therapy is the proven way to go.

Postural Improvement

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, most of us end up being seated for long periods in our day-to-day lives. This lack of physical activity can manifest in shoulder and lower back issues, ultimately affecting your posture. Bowen therapists will examine your posture, understand your pain points and issues and then design customised treatment plans to improve your body posture. They perform movements that stretch your muscles and relieve tension. This augments your balance and realigns the body. Finally, this improves your posture and negates the ill effects of sitting for long durations of time.

Enhanced Immunity

In these difficult times, you need to call upon all your tools to fight off diseases. Bowen therapy is one such thing. It doesn’t just relieve pain and reduce stress; it also helps increase your immunity. When done right, it leads to the stimulation of killer cells that eliminate unwanted cells and boost white blood cells that fight off diseases. Besides, your body’s detoxification function improves due to better lymphatic drainage and a lower level of cortisol that is responsible for inflammation. Nevertheless, to ensure these benefits, you need to choose a reputed therapist and make regular appointments with them.

Resolved Sleep and Concentration Problems

Healthy sleep is essential for a good life. But it is a fact that most of us compromise on it too often. Too many people suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders in today’s day and age. Such a lack of sleep causes irritability, lowers your decision making power, affects concentration levels, causes fatigue and contributes to mental health issues. As stated earlier, Bowen therapy reduces stress levels. Not just this, it treats joint pains as well as discomfort and relaxes the body. By working on your body, your therapist relieves tension in your joints and improves circulation. Ultimately it improves your quality of life and your focus, as your physical trauma is gently healed. You can stay alert and free of confusion, which could be caused by sleep deprivation.

Augmented Blood Flow

When you want to give your body an instant energy boost, Bowen therapy can assist greatly. The kneading pressure applied in certain areas of your body and your muscles will result in augmented blood circulation throughout the body. This enhances immunity and positively impacts the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your body. This causes increased energy levels and fights off sluggishness.

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